Interview with Jitendra Pokhriyal, Resident Wellness Specialist of The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali


You have been residing in Indonesia for quite a while now. What motivate you to stay and build your career here in Bali?

  • When I arrived in Bali I was looking for some fitness and wellness enthusiast, and during my time I found people here nicer and as well as verity of guest from all over the world, those who were really into wellness and want to grow with us. That’s what motivated me to make my career here.

Explain to us what Resident Wellness Specialist is and do you tailor a special program to the guest?

  • The Resident Wellness Specialist is a person who spends his most of the time with guest and people can approach him for their physical, Mental, Emotional queries anytime. I am a first Wellness specialist here in Westin who is a resident also.
  • Yes I have tailored the whole program of wellness which includes few special aspects which is Stress management, Reiki healing, Food and nutrition consultation etc. along with these program there are few other daily activities which are – the morning and evening ASANA (yoga posture) sessions for beginners and for intermediate practitioners.

6 different types of Meditation for mental wellbeing, Pranayama (Breathing) practice, Reiki healing etc.

  • That covers all the aspects of human body mind and soul.

What is your most memorable moment since you’ve been in Bali? Tell us about your experience.

  • My most memorable moments were 2016 and 2017 UNICEF charity Yoga events for kids in which we celebrated the wellness to gain some fund to help unprivileged kids for sanitation and pure drinking water.

Do you do any other sport other than yoga?

  • I am a big fan of Cricket. I love to play that and along with cricket I play tennis and badminton.

Who has inspired you in life, and why?

  • I always take inspiration from my guru swami satyananda Saraswati who has inspired me throw-out my life and thousands of others.

Are you in a special diet? Is there any food you can’t eat and why?

  • Yes I take 2 meals a day, which is completely vegetarian. And the meals conclude 50 percent of protein, 25 percent of fat and 25 percent of carbs. For minerals and vitamins I eat lots of veggies and fruits.
  • I don’t eat non-vegetarian (sea food/meat/chicken/eggs) foods. The reason behind

is it needs lots of energy to digest that food, and I conceder food easy to eat and digest. The second reason is that I have never tasted non-vegetarian food and it’s a family legacy, which I am taking forward.

 What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

  • The craziest thing I have done is I have jumped in the ocean from a boat without a life jacket.

And you will be surprise that I can’t swim. Ha ha.

What do you for fun during your day-off?

  • For fun part I like to play chess, watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies and go to gym for lifting weigh during my day offs.

Give us some tips for the New Year for those already love yoga and others who never try yoga before?

Practice what yoga preaches: The philosophy of yoga encourages you to be wise, speak the truth, be one with nature, practice ahimsaor non-violence and non-cruelty. When we take a resolution to apply this philosophy in our daily lives, the planet would blossom with more and more beautiful people.

Meditate: It brings the best out of you, makes you wiser, sharpens your intellect, improves memory and energizes you to face the everyday challenges of life.

And Surrender, complete and total surrender

Om shanti shanti shanti

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