Interview with Lillian Tan Director of Sales & Marketing Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort



You must have worked with several hotels around the world, what is unique about Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort?

Besides the prominent location right in the heart of Kuta, Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort is also known for its warm and friendly hospitality and strong family culture. Oh and of course we are home to the iconic Feast Market Brunch that happens every Sunday.

What do you enjoy most about working in the hospitality industry?

The people! I have met so many amazing people throughout the journey who has broadened my horizons and enriched my life experiences.

What’s your most memorable moment in your career?

There are plenty of memorable moments that I went through with my Sales & Marketing Team throughout the years – but the most memorable one would be when we were recognized by Marriott International for the Elite Awards and won Team of the Year in Asia Pacific just earlier this year.

What do you think your strongest personal quality is?

I’m a goal oriented person with a determination in achieving it.

Holiday season is approaching. Please share some of your interesting offers.

We have all sorts of festive celebrations going on throughout the year from a Christmas edition of our Feast Market Brunch, exclusive degustation dinner at Bene, to an all night long NYE Kuta Street Party. Do browse our Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort’s Facebook event page to check out more.

If you could pick one place anywhere in the world to be your dream destination, where would it be?

Would love to see the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Can you share tips for women who would like to follow the same career path?

Don’t be afraid to dream big and be resilient in achieving it.  Lead by doing what you love

What goals do you have for the New Year?

I’ll love to do more charity work for children.

Describe yourself in three words.

Hardworking, charming, and witty.

What do you do for fun during your day off?

Explore nature around the island, or simply just finishing up a good book.