Interview with Luh Made Winda Mahyuni, Marketing & Communications Head of beachwalk Shopping Center


As the Marketing & Communications Head of beachwalk Shopping Center, which part of your job that you find most challenging?

The Main task as a marketing is how we are able to fulfil what people want and need, and it’s a great challenge to figure out of our each tenant’s characters, who are their particular markets and how to make sure those things align with beachwalk’s market in general. Again, we also need to analyse the change/flow of our markets.

How do you cope with pressure?

Communication is the first. Being flexible and open minded for every single change, alert toward the current situation/issues. And of course travelling, as we can get best education and experience through travel.

If you found a lottery ticket worth of a billion dollars in front of your office, how would you spend it?

I don’t think I would spend it. And why? I don’t think it’s mine.. hahhahaha. If it’s totally mine, I would do lots of traveling. Travel makes you rich, indeed.

Could you describe one of your typical workdays?

Meeting! (non stop meeting)

What is your favorite fashion brand and which shopping mall (anywhere in the world) you would like to visit?

ZARA (can find almost everywhere in the world) and Ted Baker particularly their collections in Bicester Village, United Kingdom.

What was your dream job growing up?

Public Relations for Government industry.

What do you think about online shopping?

It’s cool, feels like I get some surprise when we receive it, however offline shopping is still the best, we can see, touch and fitting.

Which bad habit are you much proudest to break?

Tell us how! Non-stop snacking.. just too much in love with MSG, ohh no, it’s yummy…

What’s your vision for Beachwalk in the future?

One stop destination for fashion, art and culture. Becoming top of mind for all people around the world who visit Indonesia (not only Bali), I mean, as one of world’s top destinations.

What do you do for fun on your day off?

Having tons of PASTA with craziest friends.. eat, sleep, watching movies, and repeat.

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