Interview with Michal Zemlicka Director of F&B Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort

What is it like to be the Director of F&B in Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort?

Being with Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort already since March 2016, I am extremely happy to see the hotel busy most of the time and having so many regular guests coming back to join our F&B events, weekly concepts such as Feast Market Brunch and Seafood Martini Friday or trying our F&B promotions. I also enjoy engaging with guests who often share positive comments about my team, which makes me feel very proud as their leader.

What do you think about the F&B industry in Bali and what do you expect from it?

In my opinion, F&B industry in Bali is very diverse as locals and tourists can find here anything starting from traditional food in warung to fine dining restaurants and amazing bars. I am very excited to see so many new venues opening which never makes me feel bored, as there is always something unique to explore.

Please explain to us what G&T Society is all about?

G&T offers to embark on a journey through the world and possibilities this classic drinks hast to offer. This concept is called “G&T Society” as it is about gathering and bringing all people together while enjoying our wide variety of gins, which they can pair with the garnish of their choice or let us guide them through the options whilst enjoying live acoustic music.

With so many variety of Gin available in the G&T Society, who got to choose which brand of Gin will be available on the menu as a part of this concept?

Well, to be honest, we mainly looked at the portfolio of gins available in Bali since it is still a big challenge to get such an extensive selection here, which took us a few weeks to work with several suppliers in order to build this great offer.

Why Gin instead of the usual wine or beer? What is the story behind it?

G&T is still a new trend in Bali whereas it is already very popular in the UK with several bars having more than 200 various gins in their offer. Since many hotels and bars in Indonesia already promote wine dinner concepts and beer promotions, I was aiming to come up with something different, which other venues have not started yet.

Is G&T Society going to be available only in 2019?

G&T Society is a new weekly concept happening every Thursday between 6 PM – 10 PM, not only available in 2019 but also in 2020 and hopefully, for many more years to come.

Can you recommend the kind of food/snack that would be perfect to be paired with Gin?

Gin and tonic pairs well with many appetizers to snack on such as cured smoked salmon, prawns, fish & chips, cucumber sandwiches, Indian street snacks, strong cheese, berries, etc. The only thing that everyone should keep in mind while pairing food with gin is to balance the flavours.

Are you a Gin enthusiast yourself?

I am a big gin lover who always like to experience new brands that I am not familiar with and various combinations of garnishes and presentations.

Festive season is arriving soon, please tell us what you and your team are preparing for the special season?

For this year, F&B team has prepared a special Tropical Christmas Festive Season, which will be celebrated with a lot of F&B activities in our resort. This year at Feast Restaurant, it will be a memorable Christmas with our Tropical Christmas Edition of Feast Market Brunch where guests can enjoy a lavish buffet spread from around the world accompanied by acoustic music, a surprise visit from Santa, Christmas choir and many exciting kids’ activities. For the first time, we will also have Market Brunch to Give Special Edition to close this year with a good cause to help improving the life of others and as every year, we cannot definitely miss our famous New Year’s Eve Kuta Street Party which is always the biggest party in Kuta area. For Bene Italian Kitchen, we have prepared the Tropical Christmas Eve Set Menu and New Year’s Eve Degustation Dinner representing a truly authentic Italian cuisine. At The Lounge, our guests will be welcomed to join us for the Tropical Sweet Treat Christmas Edition and indulge in our exclusive sweet high tea package while soaking up in the panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. These are only a few highlights to be mentioned but there are many more for our guests to choose from and enjoy the upcoming festive season with Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort.

What do you do for fun during your day off?

In my spare time, I like to relax on the beach while listening to music, treat myself to a massage and explore new cafes, restaurants or bars in Bali. When I have a chance to take more time off, I often do a bit of travelling, as I love to explore new destinations.