Interview with Nicolaza Que Pasa, Owner of Mexicola Group


Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Mexico –

My passion for food started in my first ever job. I used to help my father to peel prawns for his seafood stand at the age of 5. I still have the sweet memory of being rewarded with an amazing Tostada de ceviche when the job was done and a big gold coin of pesos. 

My career in hospitality started in Playa del Carmen in 2002 at that time the Riviera Maya was booming and I had the privilege to work for Grupo Habita, one of Mexico’s leading hospitality organizations.

You must have travelled around the world, what is unique about Bali that made you decide to open a business here?

The culture here, the nature of the island, the big smiles, the living in the present, the People are so hospitable. 

In my experience, I learn every day so much from them, and they have paid attention to the way I like to work, making the job very dynamic. It is a powerful team, possibly the best team I have ever had. In another aspect, I also learnt a lot as a human from them and I am full of gratitude for the learning experiences.

 Tell us about your new restaurant. After Tropicola, are planning to open another restaurant with a different concept in the near future?

After Tropicola, we are planning to open another restaurant with a different concept in the near future.

Our full focus is now in developing the full project “tropicola”. We haven’t completed the job yet, we have only opened the first floor at this stage – but there is much more to come. The beach bar is nearly finished. The second floor restaurant bar will follow for sunset’s afternoon, an amazing dinning experience and great opportunity to mingle with international crowd. The rooftop and the mansion will be the climax of the project.  So hati hati, stay tuned!

What do you enjoy most about working in this industry?

The great satisfactions that I get from seeing people enjoying food and beverages. I love seeing people dancing and exchanging experiences with others, feel like we are all inside a bubble full of fun, where everyone has an aura of good energy.

What’s your most memorable moment in your career?

There are many, but if I have to pick 1 or 2.

That moment when I realised that what we created was unstoppable, people used to jump the fences to get inside our first Mexican restaurante (Rojo Rocket) in Avoca Beach, Australia. The property was on a hillside over an acre of land. Fences were reinforced with spiky cactus but that didn’t stop Australians to get in. Brilliant!

In Indonesia, when Motel Mexicola was featured as in the top 10 restaurants in Bali by Forbes Life Magazine. What a great honor that was!

What do you think your strongest personal quality is?

My life is devoted to service, and that is a way of contribution. I love giving people an experience and to be a great service. This is what hospitality is about.

If you were given a chance for a fix up in life, what would you do differently? 


If you could pick one place anywhere in the world to be your dream destination, where would it be?

I have reached my destination. I am living my dream and in the now, I am also entirely grateful to this incredible island called Bali for having me here. 

What do you do for fun during your day off? 

I give majority of the time to myself. I work on my energy: mind, soul and body, through meditation, reading, exercise and catching up with my amazing friends.