Interview with Saimah Sabirin, General Manager of Sudamala Sanur, cluster DOSM of Sudamala Suite & Villas Sanur, Bali and Senggigi, Lombok


As a well-experienced figure in hospitality industry, could you share us some of your proudest achievements so far?

I was able to experience all kinds of job in hospitality industry; such as travel agencies, ticketing, receptionist, waitress, procurement, accounting, sales and operation. By doing all of those in the list, I get better understanding of how to work in smart ways and always become the ‘best’ wherever I’m working.

 If you could take only three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be?

VCO that can be turned into salad oil (I am a vegetarian) and can function as moisturizer as well

iPod with jazz and blues music in it – so it could calm my ‘deserted’ mood

My heart, with strong believe in God

 What is your biggest fear? And how would you overcome it?

When people judge my capability because of my tough appearance. Then, I’d show them my side of kindness by being such a genuinely caring person.

 Who has inspired you the most in live?

My lovely mother. She is the strongest, most amazingly wonderful woman in the universe! I can see clearly how she strived to give her 7 children good education while she herself did not.

 If you won a billion dollar lottery, how would you spend it (and why)?

I would buy a deserted island to grow coconut trees – so more people may enjoy the benefit.

 How would you define ‘leadership’? And what is the most important quality to have for a leader?

Leadership is about encouraging the team member to follow you and achieve the goal together. Therefore the leader must ask questions, listen and learn from their team.

 If you could pick one place in the whole world to be your dream holiday destination, where would it be and why?

It could be Nepal. There was an island I used to dream about in my childhood, a place where I experienced the atmosphere of an ancient Kingdom. That place in my dream resembles Nepal a lot.

 What words of wisdom do you have for those who want to choose hospitality as their career?

Never say NO to any position offered to you even though it is not related to your education whatsoever. You must believe that your destiny has its own path—just do your work correctly and eventually, it will drive you where you want to be !

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