Interview with Tara Nguyen, Resort Manager of InterContinental Bali Resort


How do you feel to be the new Resort Manager of one of the best luxury resorts in Bali?

I am delighted to have been granted this opportunity to become the Resort Manager of InterContinental Bali Resort.  I look forward to building on the existing operation while focusing on guests’ satisfaction and fostering employee engagements. I can’t think of a better place to use my 15 years of hospitality experience than being here on this magical island.  I am so privileged to be working with a group of such warm-hearted people embracing the hotel vision of ‘ our guests want to return’. 

What is the most challenging thing in your current position that you have experienced so far and why did you decide to work in Bali?

One of my biggest challenges will be understanding the culture and the people in regards to driving operational efficiency of the resort. It will definitely take some time to adjust, but I am confident it will be a fruitful transition for me.  Why did I decide to work in Bali? Who in the right mind would deny such an opportunity?

Holiday season is approaching. Please share some of your interesting offers.

During the upcoming festive season, the InterContinental Bali Resort offers an array of tropical celebrations, from traditional Christmas cuisine to Indonesian banquets, exotic cocktails, live music, and dance, and a plethora of culturally inspired activities. There is something for everyone this Christmas at InterContinental Bali Resort.  We will have many new highlights for this Christmas including Christmas Picnic Breakfast at our Resort Gardens. A delightful and tropical start to the day with magical views over the glistening waters of Jimbaran Bay, while indulging with a gourmet Christmas breakfast hampers.

As for the New Year’s Eve, the resort offers a choice of sumptuous dining experiences, from exquisite Japanese delights at KO to an extravagant Indonesian Buffet at Taman Gita, a fun Family Set Dinner, and a lively Countdown at Sunset Bar and Grill with cocktails, live DJ and midnight fireworks blazing across the sky.  We would like to invite everyone to visit us this New Year’s Eve as we countdown to a prosperous and happy 2019.

Share with us the most memorable moment that has ever happened during your career.

Being in the hospitality business, I have had many memorable experiences that I often would like re-live.  But the most memorable moment for me was during the 2010 World Economic Forum in Ho Chi Minh City at the InterContinental Asiana Saigon.  I got to experience a new level of teamwork and redefining operational logistics to make things flow smoothly. 

Can you share tips for women who would like to follow the same career path?

Hospitality can be highly addictive and very rewarding.  I think only less than a quarter of senior management roles are women in this industry.  I’m very fortunate to be part of the IHG family where we value diversity and inclusion. My advice for women that would like to be in the hospitality field is build positive relationships, never stop learning, know your strength and weaknesses, and lastly, be happy and smile at all time.

If you could pick one place to be your dream destination anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

The world is too big to pick just one place I want to be.  That being said, Bali is one of the world’s dream holiday destinations.  I have the privileged to be on the Island of Gods with my family at this time.  I also practice being at “the present moment” and just enjoying the people, culture, and the beautiful weather we have here in Bali.

Describe yourself in three words.

None of us can really capture ourselves in just three words, but here they are:


What is your biggest weakness?

Honestly, I think my biggest weakness is being too direct.  I tend to give very straightforward and to the point.  A lot of time, we value honest and direct feedback but I’ve learned throughout my career, we need to be more diplomacy and sensitive because of the diverse culture that we work in. 

What do you do for fun during your day off?

Our family usually has a “lazy day” when I have a day off.  We embrace it because it is very healthy and create a good balance between family and work. Doing nothing means everything to us sometime.