Interview with Wangi Putri, Marketing Communications Manager of Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu


As the Marketing Communications Manager of Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu, what is your strategy to attract more guests to stay at this new hotel? 

We are the first Radisson Blu in Indonesia, so we have to introduce Radisson Blu as a brand to domestic market. To get people familiar with the brand promise, the facilities and services that we offer as an upper upscale resort.

Secondly, to create more exposure on Uluwatu as a destination, and explore the reasons why tourists from both domestic and international must visit this area during their vacation.

How would you describe Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu

Radisson Blu Bali uluwatu is a new landmark destination. A sophisticated resort for modern thinkers who travel with their own style.

Who has inspired you the most in life?

My bestfriends. We all grew up in a small city and now they become women who achieve so much without compromising their values.

What is your biggest weakness?

My ‘stillness’. Sometimes people think that I cannot see the situation, when in fact I do what other people do, just with less noise.

How did you maintain your daily personal appearance? Share your beauty tips for us

I wish I have one. I have been breaking the rules with lack of sleep, minimal make up, and couldn’t care less of what I wear on a daily basis. But, I do love dressing up on special occassions.

What do you do in your leisure time?

Enjoying books, movies, jazz, chasing sunsets.. and chasing around my toddler.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, which destination would you choose and why?

Morocco and Brazil. Fascinating culture and language.

If you could master one skill that you don’t have right now, what would it be?

Classical Piano… or Kung Fu haha..


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