Interview with Andy Adrian Co-Founder bukaPO



  1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself?
    I started my career in the advertising agency before jumped into the Airlines Industry where I led a commercial department as a Director Commercial in AirAsia and Chief Commercial in Citilink. On 2019, I began to link myself to tech company and my first e-commerce job was in blibli as a Deputy Chief Marketing Officer before moving to another startup of Tripper as a Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer as well as becoming an investor and Co-Founder at bukaPO.
  2. Why do you want to invest your fund and time for bukaPO?
    Not many people know that micro and small businesses are actually the backbone of Indonesian economics contributing almost 60% of Indonesian GDP. During Covid 19-pandemic I was presented by the Founder of bukaPO, Olaf Purvis about his ventures and the ecosystem his trying to build.  I immediately decided to join bukaPO as I am sure bukaPO will be able to create a great social and economic impact for micro and small businesses.
  3. What are the core beliefs and values of your startup?
    Our vision is to create high social and economic impact for micro and small businesses where eventually they can earn more income, increase knowledge and fairness of financial access from financial institution in addition of eliminating their financial risk
  4. Where will bukaPO stand three years from now?
    Our projection 3 years from now is being able to create a nationwide healthy ecosystem where micro and small businesses can generate income not only by selling their products but also other merchants’ products within the platform.  We want to empower micro and small businesses to help each other instead of competing.
  5. What are the most important factors that allow a company to survive during the pandemic?
    As we are established during the pandemic to help micro and small businesses, the most essential things are the team that has the same vision.
  6. Is there any challenge that bukaPO faces during lockdown?
    Surprisingly our revenue is actually increased during the lockdown.  We also believe our loyal customers purchasing the food not only because they like the food but also to help the micro and small businesses participated in bukaPO and that we call “Gotong Royong”.