Interview with Chef Devandra Datt Chef Indian Specialist Grand Hyatt Bali

Congratulations on your new role! 

How do you feel about being the Chef Indian Specialist at Grand Hyatt Bali
I feel proud of this position, because I’m always excited to help and share my knowledge about Indian cuisine. Being the Chef Indian Specialist at Grand Hyatt Bali is a great opportunity for me to showcase the unique flavors and rich culinary traditions of this amazing cuisine to guests from all around the world. I’m passionate about creating unforgettable dining experiences and can’t wait to see people’s response when they try my dishes!  

Having worked at other resorts, why did you choose Grand Hyatt Bali as your new destination?
Because Grand Hyatt Bali is a top-rated resort destination with stunning views, world-class amenities, and an amazing culinary scene. The opportunity to be a part of such a prestigious resort and work alongside some of the best chefs in the industry is a perfect fit for me. Additionally, I am thrilled to be given the chance to shine a light on the unique and delicious cuisine of India and to share my passion for cooking and culinary innovation with the guests at Grand Hyatt Bali. I look forward to creating memorable dining experiences and making a positive contribution to the resort’s renowned reputation.

How long have you been cooking professionally?
Over than 15 years 

What can we expect to see from the new Indian menu at Grand Hyatt Bali
Indian cuisine is incredibly diverse and draws upon an array of spices, herbs, and cooking techniques! Based on the dynamic flavors and delicious dishes that the Indian culinary traditions are known for, we can likely expect exciting new twists on classic dishes that feature bold spice blends, vibrant colors and a range of ingredients such as marinated meats or hearty grains. Whether it’s aromatic curries, sizzling tandoori dishes, or delicious street foods, Indian cuisine offers such a vast array of options that are sure to excite and satisfy the palates of every type of guest, from spicy to mild! 

Share with us, the latest update in the food and beverage at Grand Hyatt Bali
The resort has earned a reputation for providing world-class culinary experiences that highlight local flavors and ingredients. The chefs at Grand Hyatt Bali are known for their creativity and innovation, and they always looking for ways to surprise and delight guests with an array of culinary offerings. 

What is your most memorable moment since being a chef?
One of the most unforgettable moments in my career as a chef when I joined the preopening team at Shangri-La Mumbai. It was a remarkable experience that allowed me to gain invaluable knowledge in setting up the kitchen, designing menus, fostering teamwork, and creating signature dishes. This opportunity not only equipped me with practical skills but also paved the way for my future career endeavors. The experiences gained during the preopening phase have now become the bedrock of my strength and capabilities, propelling me towards new heights in my professional journey. 

When did you realize your passion in culinary world, and what triggers it?
Ever since I was just eight years old, I discovered my passion for cooking by assisting my mother in the kitchen. This early exposure to the culinary world sparked a dream within me – to become a chef and pursue a career that aligned with my deep-rooted love for food. As I began my training in the kitchen, particularly at a renowned chain hotel, my aspirations grew even stronger. I developed a vision to introduce the world to the wonders of Indian cuisine, firmly believing in its authentic flavors that leave a lasting impression on people’s palates. 

What do you do for fun during your day off?
On my day off, normally I go by visiting the vibrant culinary scene in Bali. Additionally, I also visit an exciting adventure with my family, exploring the enchanting tourist attractions that Bali boasts. Moreover, we will seek out the hidden gems and authentic attractions that showcase the true essence of Bali, immersing ourselves in its local traditions and customs. It promises to be a day filled with culinary delights, family bonding, and the exploration of Bali’s unique charm. 

What is your most favourite food?
Balinese food is Ayam betutu, and Indian food is homestyle chicken curry