Interview with Katya Herting General Manager of Raffles Bali 

How do you feel to be the General Manager of the Raffles Bali? 

I feel honored, humbled and extremely delighted to work with such an outstanding resilient Team, most visionary owners, one of the most prestigious Hotel and Resorts Brand and committed and strongest Hospitality Group in the world. Something that I don’t take for granted in my workday. 

Out of all the luxury properties in Bali, what do you think makes Raffles Bali stands out? 

The combination of most avanguard vision by our owners, certainly way ahead of its time, in which outmost privacy, generosity of space, top quality and the infinite connection with nature was the compass to build such a beautiful property in Bali; Top destination in the world. The partnership and commitment of a brand like Raffles that remains truthful to deliver uncompromised ultra luxury services to all well-travelled connoisseurs alike

And definitely our passionate and dedicated iconic team that remains focus and is extremely proud to deliver meaningful and heartfelt experiences to each of our Resort guests. 

Do you have any special offer for Festive season? 

In commemoration of our Resort Grand Opening this December and the appointment of our signature Restaurant “Rumari” as the first and only Krug Ambassade in Indonesia last week we are offering an Exquisite Grand Opening Package that will immerse you in a one in a lifetime luxury experience.

What have been your greatest challenges and successes in your professional journey?

The biggest Learning journey so far for me has been to manage Raffles Bali within the impact of a 2 year long lasting worldwide Pandemic and the impact it has over our colleagues and their families, our guest wellbeing, our owners wellbeing, suppliers and the community around us. 

My biggest success so far is to always have found the strength to lead the different teams I had the honor to work with, to levels of great guest and self-satisfaction, through innovation, process simplification or creating meaningful guest and colleagues journeys alike.

How would you define ‘leadership’ and what do you think is the most important quality to have to be one? Leadership is the ability to understand others to be understood and to have the ability to connect meaningfully among humans; what in Bali is known as “Pawongan” the infinite connection from human to human.

How do you cope with today’s uncertain condition in Bali these days? 

Leave in the present and prepare the best you can for the future as, “The best in life is still yet to come”. Keep connected with your loved ones. And humor make others and yourself laugh 

What do you do for fun during your day off? Yoga, cycling and family and friend’s time. A good cocktail and a memorable culinary journey is always welcome.

If you could pick one place anywhere in the world to be your dream destination, where would it be? As a child of the world (I grew up in 5 different countries , studied in 2 other and worked in another 8 different destinations) I will say that my dream destination is where my loved ones are, the place where you nurture your soul, the place you belong. My dream destination is not a place in the world is who am with.