Interview with Ram Hiralal General Manager Jumeirah Bali

How do you feel to be the General Manager of the first Jumeirah in Bali?
It’s such an honour for me to have the opportunity to be part of Jumeirah Bali. As this is the first Jumeirah in Bali with our unique concept, which is different from other luxurious resorts. I extremely believe that this resort will give you an exceptional experience in traditional-modern touches with luxurious amenities and services.

You have worked with several luxury hotels in the past, what is unique about Jumeirah Bali?

Jumeirah Bali was built with the concept past and future, inspired by the Majapahit era combined with architectural elements.  As the concept of the resort we would like to remind our guests about the golden era of this biggest Hindus-Java Empire.

Share with us the latest update about Jumeirah Bali
Jumeirah Bali is a highly desirable resort for potential holidaymakers searching for the perfect combination of relaxation, delicious cuisine, and excellent restaurants, including the newly opened Akasa. Last year, Jumeirah Bali was recognised with several awards and has already been nominated for prestigious awards such as Travel + Leisure and World Travel Awards. Our goal is put the resort as one of the best in Asia by winning these prestigious awards. Our plan for 2023 is to strengthen our brand even further through a range of chef’s collaboration event, ensuring that Jumeirah Bali is the top destination for travellers visiting Bali.

What is the most challenging thing in your current position you have experienced so far?
I think the most challenging part is to introduce Jumeirah Bali to people in Indonesia and Asia. As we just launched Jumeirah, a Middle East brand for the first time in Bali and Asia, we must work hard to build the brand awareness. We have to let people know that Jumeirah is an exclusive hospitality brand with various luxurious resorts in Dubai and has developed the first property in Southeast Asia, which is in Bali.

Having several F&B outlets in your resort, what is one favourite food/dish that you can recommend to us?
I would recommend guests to visit Akasa Restaurant, our newest F&B venue and try their wide range of delicious dishes. Akasa Restaurant offers an exquisite selection of Asian-style grill cooked over fragrant wood, as well as stunning ocean and sunset view. From the crudo selection, I suggest them to try our flame-grilled tuna tartare with Timut pepper, the wood-fired veal katsu, or the giant blue river prawns with mango and passion fruit. For mains, they should not miss the charcoal Wagyu beef salad or the prime cuts such as the T-Bones and tomahawk steaks served with sides and sauces, or the tender lamb rack with yakiniku sauce.

What do you do for fun during your day off?
I am a very reserved person. I do party sometimes.  Only when there is special occasion, then I let my hair loose. I am a person who likes to keep my personal life private and to do things I enjoy the most such as get a massage to pamper myself.