Interview with Rangga Safari Executive Chef of Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort

First of all, tell us how an Executive Chef of Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort starts his morning?

I typically start my day with a morning walk around the kitchen to greet my team and head to my office to quickly do my emails. After that, you can find me at the breakfast venue, make sure the quality of all dishes are top notch and the kitchen flow is smooth like butter. I also enjoy say hi to our guests, share some insights or perhaps recipes. Sometimes, I will whip up something fresh just to brighten their day. 


Nowadays, many Indonesian have become executive chef in 5-star hotel. How do you feel to be the new Executive Chef of Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort?

I am humbled as this is my first Executive Chef role, and ready to embark on the new journey ahead of me. The team here is amazing, I am sure we can work hand in hand and create new exciting twists for the hotel.


How did your professional path start in this field?

After graduated from the high school, I actually visioned myself studying in the Economic Management in one of Bandung’s universities, but it did not go well as planned. So, my mom told me to register at a newly built hospitality institute nearby my house, where I decided to go with my guts and finally chose the culinary major study. Since then, I never looked back. I paved my career up as a chef and went to the United Kingdom to broaden my knowledge and enrich my working experience. Back in Indonesia two years later, I continue to work and spend most of my career here in Bali with several 5-star hotels and resorts.


What cuisine is your speciality?

International cuisines! I have worked with multiple International chefs whom then become my inspirations. Apart from that, I am very much fascinated with the endless variety of ingredients you can use to create such beautiful depth of flavours and tastes.


Who or what is your Inspiration?

My former chef – Richard Millar. He is the person that influenced me the most from the early stage of my professional career as a chef. The importance of basic cooking knowledge, skills, and attention to details are some of his legacies that I always carry out ‘till now.


What was the biggest experience you’ve had in your career?

The most unforgettable one is when I worked overseas. I went out from the comfort of my home country to gain priceless experience in return. It was almost like a turning point in my life. It has opened up my mind, carved my personality, and led me into who I am now.


Do you have any tips for the beginners?

Well, let’s see… One should learn things from the basic, from there, build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to become the next great chefs.


How do you choose your team? What qualities do you look for in your kitchen crew?

I love when my team consists of great personalities and passionate ‘students’. Means that they are willing to listen, learn from each other, and eventually grow in their career. That is how I build my team, a solid one.


What`s your favorite dish to cook?

I must say pasta. On my day off, I often cook pasta with my family at home. It is so easy to cook and delicious.


Is there something you want to change at the Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort?

Yes, definitely. While things are going great, I want to level up the game and bring our menus to the next level. My current goal is to get the word out there about our dining outlets. We have the Bene Italian Kitchen; people can enjoy their favourite Italian cuisines while enjoying the sunset views from the restaurant. The Lounge; it is a semi open-air lounge, great place to catch an afternoon tea or light bites throughout the day. And of course, our newest ADD restaurant, Daily Social; it is currently being built and will be ready for the festive season. Stay tuned!