Interview with Teezar Mirza Head of Corporate Hospitality Panbil Hospitality

Could you please tell us about Panbil Hospitality
Panbil Hospitality in a part of Panbil group, currently we manage Best Western Premier Panbil which I am still the General Manager of the hotel, Panbil Residence and apartment, Artrium coffee & Eatery and our latest edition is Kayu Merah -Nusantara Fine Dining and we have a view other project coming up such as hotels and restaurant.  

How do you feel to be the Head of Corporate Hospitality of the Panbil Hospitality?
Blessed and excited, I have taken a role as General Manager of a hotel since 2016 and I believed I am destined to take care of more than one entity, keep challenging my ability in handling expectation from the owner, stakeholders, clients and the main assets of the company is The Team!

Having worked in several hotels and resorts in Indonesia and abroad, what attracted you to go to Batam?
In my perspective Batam has a lot of potential but currently we are still trying to find other attractions that will draw more people to visit Batam beside the Melayu heritage, beautiful golf courses and located near to Singapore.
That is the reason why Panbil Hospitality has signed up with Bajafash (Batam Jazz & Fashion Festival) for the next 3 years, this event will become a national annual event, which will be using “Semar Stage” located inside our Panbil Nature Reserve.

Share with us the latest update about Panbil Hospitality
We just recently opened our Nusantara Fine Dining, which is called Kayumerah, an Indonesian specialty restaurant that focuses on Nusantara food and age-old recipe tweaks with modern French cooking techniques.
The products are locally sourced in collaboration with local farmers and transformed into scrumptious dishes on your plate. The beautiful and comfortable natural scenery and atmosphere also spoil the eyes with Pelawan trees with red wooden stems which provide additional nuances that will bring us new and memorable experience.

What do you think is the secret to your great career in the hospitality industry?
You need to fail in order for you to be successful in your next move, you should be critical on yourself and willing to accept criticism from others. Hospitality industry is very dynamics and forgiving at the same time, make mistakes but never repeat the same mistakes twice.
Spend time on your research, learn from the best in class in the business and trying to forecast what’s coming in the horizon.
For me I spend most of my time in my property. I don’t have time to be a part of other organization beside my organization.
Call me old fashioned but I never hang out ????    

What is the most challenging thing in your current position you have experienced so far?
Talents, we are always running out of good talents here in Batam!

Having several F&B outlets in Panbil Hospitality, what is one favourite restaurant/food that you can recommend to us?
Eat Peranakan Food in Andaliman Restaurant at Best Western Premier Panbil
Have a Smoked Brisket Platter in Blaze while enjoying Duriangkang Lake view at Best Western Premier Panbil
Have a sip of Negroni at our Silangit Whisky Bar at Rooftop of Best Western Premier Panbil
Drink your coffee in Togi Roastery at The Artrium for delectable coffee from North of Sumatera and you can also join the coffee class by our master Barista
The last one is dinner at Kayumerah  

How do you maintain a work and life balance?
Being happily married to Novi Murad for 21 years, so far long-distance relationship works well for us, keep the sparks alive. I live with my son Yoza in Batam so it is good to spend my time with our eldest son. I did not spend a lot of time with him growing up since we both worked abroad for years.
There’s No Work & Life Balance in hospitality business, just like Bon Jovi said:
Until I’m 6 feet under, Baby I don’t need a bed
Gonna live while I’m alive I’ll sleep when I’m dead
Till they roll me over And lay my bones to rest
Gonna live while I’m alive I’ll sleep when I’m dead