Interview with Lusy Paulina Joroh Director of Sales Ayodya Resort Bali & Ayodya Palace Bali

You must have worked with several hotels, what is unique about Ayodya Resort Bali?

Working at Ayodya Resort Bali, I feel blend in with the hospitality and grace of Bali itself.

What excites you most about being the DOS of Ayodya Resort Bali?

“The individual commitment to a group effort, that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, and a civilization work.”

Give us the latest update from Ayodya Resort Bali?

Currently we are divided between our resort and palace brand. Basically our resort is already established but recently we are focusing on our Ayodya Palace Bali since it is our all suite collection.

What is the most memorable achievement in your career at hospitality industry?

When I can overcome my weakness that I don’t truly recognize how amazing I am

How do you cope with so many competitions in Bali these days? What is your hotel doing to stay competitive?

Provide a personalized service, offer a truly special and unique stay as well as create an experience guest by gathering information prior to arrival in order to delight them with some recommendations or preferences.

Develop the Ayodya Resort and Ayodya Palace Bali Brand as unique selling point.

What do you think your strongest personal quality is?


If you could pick one place anywhere in the world to be your dream destination, where would it be?


If you had to live without Internet for a week, what would you do to keep yourself busy?

Just focus with my family and having a quality time

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Mother Theresa

What do you do for fun during your day off?

Having Fun with my only son