Irezz Pratama has always been a fan of photography in the way that some people are really into music or sports. Starting around college where he studied graphic designer, he got more interested in photography when his first work were published and gained lots of appreciations. Sooner he realized that his passion is more into photography and that was when the story began.


He started to capture things around him; people, nature, and everything. For some reason, Irezz fell in love in fashion because he found it special when he could really capture the beauty of a woman and how he could bring out the essence in a piece of work. He adores Mario Testino as one of the best fashion photographers. Few years later his career took a sharp incline towards the better after meeting some good old friends who saw his beautiful images and asked him to create Lenterra, a collective of fashion, commercial, lifestyle and travel visual makers. With Lenterra, Irezz began to develop his skill and offer a maximum mixture of commercial and editorial style, bringing out the story in the most fashionably ways and compositions.


Irezz realized that this industry is now a big land of business and it’s a big challenge and competition for him. For this young man, photographer is not just a job because at the end everyone can be one – if they learn. But for Irezz, photographer is equivalent to a film director; he might not know how to light every scene in a movie, he might not know how to export the footage and edit it. He might not immediately know what the actor should be dressed in. But he needs to have a vision and to be able to wield a crew to make that happen. Irezz recognized that photographer’s skill set transcends the physical art of photography to being able to communicate to the model and the crew to get something really special.


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