Kuncir Sathya Vikku

Born and raised in Bali, Kuncir Sathya Vikku or famously known as Kuncir was enchanted and surrounded by Balinese art. From the traditional dance, music like gamelan, and drawing, Kuncir has been learning and doing those things since his early age. One day he thought that he was not into art and decided to move forward to another thing in life. He decided to enter an opposite institution to continue his colloge but maybe his fate was never far from art. He was then accepted at one of the art institutions in Bali and began to study further and explore his skill on art.

As his artistic skills grew, Kuncir found his own style of drawing – mostly using pen and paper then transform it digitally. If you look at his works you’ll find out how the island and its ‘aksara’ have strongly played a role on it; the shape he draws and the stroke he creates. His spirit and love for the island has thrived and he began painting beyond what was traditionally beautiful and pleasing. His works mostly explore broad range of themes, from social issues and politics to personal issues like anxiety and mental illness. He wants people to feel how anxiety could possibly grow within a person and how people are extremely struggling away from it.

Kuncir’s concern is to express the reflections that go far deeper than what people can know with panca indra (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin).

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