Togetherness – Kurve Celebrates Its Second Anniversary

Kurve, a proudly Indonesian clothing and fashion brand renowned for its trendy, innovative and versatile pieces that were designed to inspire and empower, just celebrated its second anniversary on 7 August 2021.

Created for women of all ages, shapes and sizes, Kurve celebrates and embraces its second year with the theme “Togetherness”.  The theme “Togetherness” was also chosen to highlight the brand’s extraordinary basics, much beloved pieces that gave Kurve the coveted edge that sets it apart from other fashion brands. With the second anniversary, Kurve plans to re-introduce its most popular basics with slight, refreshing twists while still staying true to its brand philosophy, “Beauty Through Simplicity”

Established in 2019 in Jakarta by Paula Anselmi, Kurve is built on strong values and principles revolving around women empowerment. The brand especially believes in promoting self-love and body positivity. This message is reflected throughout Kurve’s various marketing and advertising campaigns, featuring women in different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and colours. In all of Kurve’s social media platforms, customers are encouraged to share their own empowering stories, creating a community of “Kurvies”.

Kurve offers a wide range of tops, bottoms, bodysuits, dresses, and outerwear in simple designs that are meant to be worn every day. Kurve’s design centres on simple but innovative basic wear with quality and versatility – another reflection of its founder. Paula’s personal style is classic, timeless and elegant, which can easily be dressed up or down.