Legacy of Intimacy: Le Mayeur Museum

Born in Brussels, Belgium, Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres was a prolific painter who travelled all over the world showcasing his artworks. He was impressed by the pristine shores of a peaceful fishing village called Sanur, located in Bali, and dedicated his entire life staying there, doing two things he loved the most: the arts and women. After he settled on the island of the gods, Le Mayeur fell in love with Ni Pollok, a local lady who at the time was famously known as a bare-breasted Legong Dancer. After they married, Le Mayeur made Ni Pollok his main inspiration in creating numerous forms of world-class paintings.

Le Mayeur passed away on May 31, 1958, and since then, his well-crafted mansion has been turned into a museum that house his masterpieces. The compound features structures in Balinese architecture that houses well over eighty artworks categorised into five different collections based on the mediums that Le Mayeur used to draw his ideas, such as hardboard, plywood, canvas and paper.

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