Let Us Falafel at Two Trees Eatery

One of the newest additions to Canggu culinary scene, Two Trees Eatery opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner offering a myriad of light and healthy options that feel positively restorative with emphasis on wheat/dairy/sugar free and vegan options. There are also plenty of decadent choices for when customers are done with being healthy for the week and want to let loose! The menus have an emphasis on healthy deliciousness, with the majority of dishes free from refined sugars and artificial ingredients, being prepared wherever possible from locally and ethically sourced ingredients, thoughtfully combined to promote optimal digestion.

For salad lovers, try the Let Us Falafel which is a combination of sprouted and fried falafels coated in sesame gomashio with marinated aubergine, baby gem salad, house pickled onion & red cabbage slaw, and served with tomato salsa, cashew tzatziki & grilled tortillas on the side.