The Life in Balance: Photography of Yoga Raharja

Between passion and art, Yoga Raharja deep perspective in photography is not one to be taken lightly. For him, it is a way to balancing life.

THE FACES IN THE MIRRORBorn and raised in Semarang, Yoga Raharja decided to move to Bali in 1995. The beauty of Balinese art successfully pumps up his artistic passion.  He started by producing black & white sketches before his friend brought him a small pocket camera. It was in late 2005 that Yoga began his journey in the world of photography. The process of learning leads him into a more specific genre; human interest and cultural, although he still kept his wildest dream to be a war photographer someday in the future.

Yoga Raharja already did several photos exhibitions around Indonesia and abroad—including a solo exhibition in Sapporo, Japan. He also has achieved several prestigious photography awards in his career such as 1st place trophy of Indonesian President photography competition in 2013 and two-times 1st place winner of black & white photo contest organized by Harris Hotels in Bali.

THE FAITHAccording to Yoga Raharja, photography is something that makes life into balance. He compares a life without art with ‘living in a small, dark box with thin air’.