The Living Heritage : “Satyan Sita” Photo and Video Exhibition by Doddy Obenk

SitaRam-0012Inspired by the immense strength and energy of the people from Tejakula for preserving the tradition and culture in its pure, sacred form a group of artists lead by aspiring photographer Doddy Obenk decided to make “Satyan Sita”; an art exhibition dedicated to the dance form which is kept only in few places in the island of Bali.

SitaRam-9700The exhibition consists of Art and Documentary photos capturing the moments of dance and people during religious ceremonies and dance, as the video documenting this sacred art, masks and people related to this form.  Some of the artists who will participate in this exhibition are: Doddy Obenk, Tjandra Hutama, Jelena Vuksanovic, Kass Sudrajat, and Stefanus Bayu.

SitaRam-9707On the same day the dance group of Wayang Wong from Tejakula especially come to perform the “Satyan Sita”; one of the stories from the epic of Ramayana. On April 22th, “Satyan Sita” Photo and Video Exhibition are officially opened for public in Rumah Topeng dan Wayang Setia Darma (The House of Puppets and Masks) Ubud until 22th May.