LOST LINDENBERG Hotel Opens July 15 on the West Coast of Bali

LOST LINDENBERG will officially open its doors on 15 July 2022. It is located in Pekutatan community, a small Hindu village on Bali’s west coast that is largely untouched by tourism.  LOST LINDENBERG focuses on the collective experience of the guests, who are invited to spend their time together in the property’s communal areas. Retreat is offered in each of the eight lovingly-designed rooms, which are elevated high amongst the treetops of the West Balinese palm jungle, set on a long and pristine, glistening black lava sand beach. The hotel operares as far as possible in an envirmomentally firnedly, low-waste manner. Solat panels suppy the property with energy, and fruits and vegetables from LOST’s own permaculture.

There are eight rooms for two different types. Guests can catch a glimpse of the waves form each of the treehouses, but the two Ocean Panorama Suites, which sit in front row position look directly out to sea: the six Jungle Panorama Suites offers vies of the jungle and temples. The 45m2 suites are all furnished with contemporary art, sustainable linen bedding, custom made Gaya ceramics, AC and spacious batherooms.

The hotel’s own LOST BEACH is still a little known surf spot, and included in the room rate are surf sessions with local instructors. Board made in-house in collaboration with Pyzel Surfboards are available for hire.

The culinary concept here celebrates nature with its seasonal and local flavours and offers a plant-based approach to Balinese home cooking with western influences. All ingredients are cultivated at LOST or sourced from nearby organic permacultures. The poolside bar serves classic long drinks, local kombuchas and seasonal cocktails.

The small spa is located in LOST’s jungle offering treatments that are inspired by local ritual and aromatherapy, filling the spa with scents of chamomile, lavender, lemongrass and bergamot.