Sometimes an artist walks on the edge, looking for the precarious balance between emotions and inner reasoning of a man. LTD EDISON is one of Bali-based creative art workers, smearing paintings, murals, and many others, intoxicated with both joy and curiosity to achieve their goal of creating extraordinary non-mainstream works. They started with simplest ideas or shape and follow the lines from there, until, eventually, they break free from it and started to draw unintentional shapes and gives their art a peculiar form of life, filled with explosions of strokes and colors.

It all started when they accidentally competed in a live painting competition. They became friends with same passion and started to draw and create things together. Their both passion and vision of surviving the creativity industries by having each others back, turns up with ideas to take their creativity on higher level by creating free zine and exhibition.


On the 3rd until 5th of June, LTD EDISON held another exhibition on Warehouse 82 along with the launching of their 3rd edition LTD zine. With the purpose to explore creativity and thoughts of their own ideology and aesthetic, they collaborate with some of the best young talented artists such as Ican Harem, Billy Anjing, Pierre Alvian, and Hariyandha Dwi Utomo.


The exhibition was set in dark light setting, captivates all audiences with the mood and atmosphere, highlighting some of the artworks, such as Pierre’s paintings, which glows dimly with combination of green, yellow and pink colors, among other delightful displays including photograph, punk art, college art, and installation.



Text by: Stephania Shakila Cornelia