Have You Met Goby The Fish?

Goby (2)
W Bali – Seminyak presents the “Feed Goby the Fish” project, the next phase in making their business more sustainable, while the world rallies towards the ban on plastics. Officially launching on the 16th February 2019, a giant see-through fish (Goby) was installed on W Bali’s beachfront to raise awareness and help reduce plastic in the Bali ocean.

The war on plastic is prevalent around the world and in Bali. A number of initiatives have been activated to help reduce plastic waste; The Ocean Cleanup, the ban of plastic straws in global companies such as Marriott International; and some local initiatives such as the recent ban on plastic bags ordered by the Governor of Bali.

W Bali – Seminyak are aware of its social responsibility when it comes to sustainability and the impact plastic has on the environment. W Bali – Seminyak has been working for more than 5 years to be Earthcheck certified every year, working on reducing waste, energy and water consumption and engaging in strict recycling practices.
With the arrival of the rain season and the beaches of the Island being swamped by trash washed away on the shores, the team at W Bali is constantly engaged in intense beach cleaning sessions, ensuring the garbage is collected and sent to recycling. Although this is a step in the right direction, we want to do more and create something that would help put a stop to plastic on the beaches. Goby the fish will allow guests and locals to dispose of plastic waste, all while looking nice on the beach, sparking conversations, building awareness and education.
Craig Seaward, General Manager of W Bali – Seminyak said, “We saw a similar installation on social media and begun researching it. We found out the fish was installed on a beach with sign saying, ‘Goby loves plastic, please feed him!’, and we embraced the idea!

Goby will help us show what is happening when the trash ends up in the sea: in the belly of the fish; and with this tell a simple message: the only fish that should eat plastic is Goby the Fish!”