Museum Pasifika at Nusa Dua

Originally conceived as ‘Asia Pacific Art Centre’, Museum Pasifika at Nusa Dua house an extensive collection of artworks gathered from all over Asia Pacific region. Having a purpose to showcase art diversity, the Museum which was established in August 2006, deliver its main mission to preserve the diverse and multifaceted traditions of Asia Pacific people, as well as to put these side-by-sides with significant oeuvres (paintings) from the 20th century.

Museum Pasifika: Selected Artwork of Asia Pacific is a tribute to the artistic and cultural heritage of the region and is a required resource for all interested in the fascinating and complex region we known as Asia Pacific. Housing over 600 works on permanent display, the museum is an important complement to the scores of public museums in Bali and the region. Each of the eleven pavilions is represented, including Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, Indo-European, Exhibition, Indochina, Polynesian, Pacific, Tapa and Asian, with engaging insightful articles by some of the world leading art experts.

Since first opened, Museum Pasifika has hosted a number of events, promoting rich array of activities in Bali as well as internationally, and fulfilling the place purpose as ‘cultural melting pot’ through fruitful interactions between multi-national visitors and artist whose arts is currently exhibited.

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