Naka Contemporary Art

Multidimentional Melting Pot: Naka Contemporary Art


As an island filled with talented artist and rich in culture, Bali is considered on the forefront of popular culture in art and design. It is clearly making its mark on the map as a hub for cutting edge, international and creative individuals.

With a clear vision to empower a multicultural group of artists, Naka Contemporary Art wishes to engage both local and global community, manifesting a more expansive and inclusive perception of the reality that we live in – exchanging ideas in a dialogue of contemporary practices in varied artistic fields, utilizing traditional and modern expressions and medias.

Naka Contemporary Art is willing to explore alternative ways to embrace the new convergence of art in various forms, from music, performance, film and design, to be relevant and reflective of this era. It serves as an environment that provokes the imagination and ingenious spirit of our era through celebration of the arts and by fostering the future of artists in Bali now and years to come


Jl. Kunti I no. 6 Seminyak, Bali

Tel. +62 361 738 829