New Lip Care Collection from Sensatia Botanicals

The most favorite lip balms are now available with better formulation complemented with an addition of natural lip scrub.


Made in Bali, Sensatia Botanicals is delighted to announce the launch of new lip care collection featuring reformulated lip balms and an addition of natural lip scrub.


The collection features a series of lip balm and one lip scrub: Botanical Lip Protection, Cocoa & Honey Lip Bliss, Lemonhead Lip Smack, Vanilla & Mandarin Lip Hydrate,  and Pouty Lips Sugar Lip Scrub. The lip balms are designed with a moisturizing base of coconut and kukui nut oils with the ability to deeply hydrate and restore moisture to parched lips. The lip scrub features sugar cane as natural exfoliant to help remove old, dead skin cells and speed up cell renewal. This makes it easier for new, healthy skin layer to grow.