Panbil Nature Reserve Unveiling The Extraordinary Hiking Delights in The Forest

Seeking an extraordinary destination to create indelible memories? Look no further than Panbil
Nature Reserve, the right destination for those of you who want to get to know and enjoy the
beauty of nature directly. One of the largest Eco Edu areas that offers a variety of thrilling
adventure activities. Each sector in Panbil Nature Reserve has a unique identity and offers
interesting options, such as hiking activities that are not to be missed.

Prepare yourself for an enchanting escapade through forest ecosystems that act as an oasis in the
middle of a crowded city life. You can set your feet on a natural footing and feel the fresh forest
air which will make you feel serene and become part of the life of the various flora and fauna
that are waiting in the middle of the forest.

There are a variety of attractive hiking packages available, starting from Rattan, Semar, Pandan,
Palawan packages, to Group packages suitable for all ages. With the natural contours of the
land, you can enjoy various areas safely and comfortably. Get ready to embark on a hike like no
other as you learn about the wonders of the Rattan and Semar packs. Immerse yourself in the
forest, where every plant has a story to tell. With expert guidance from our Forest Rangers, each
step will allow you to truly enjoy every moment.

Craving a heart-pounding adventure through the untamed wilderness? Look no further than the
Pandan and Palawan Packages. You can enjoy the original springs until interacting with Sambar
deer at the end of the hike. Hiking activity that gives its own satisfaction and can be done at one

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