Pastry Chef Wins The Bronze Medal in The Anchor Chef Competition

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Every Patisserie has its own mystery Chef working behind the scenes to make the finest dessert creation. Our Pastry Chef, Mr. I Wayan Diyan Sudiatmika, the man behind the luscious desserts and pastries we offer is the most important person in our patisserie team. He recently received a bronze medal in the Anchor Chef competition. He showcased his extraordinary talent sand skill that was judged one of the best, which won him this award in the Pastry category. He expressed his pride on winning this competition by saying;
“It was really inspiring to win such an important national award. Other participants were extremely talented and I feel honored to win the bronze medal in the pastry category.
I am so proud of this achievement”, he added.
Inspired by the tropical ambience surrounding Maya Sanur Resort & Spa, he chooses the green color as the reflection of nature and logo of Maya Sanur, while using coconut as the main ingredient as the universal symbol of a tropical island.