Pavana Collective

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If you are an art lover and seeking for something extremely different and worth watching out for in Bali, Pavana Collective is the answer; a visual collective of some brightest and most forward thinking creative talents on the island. The members consist of Andre Yoga, Wicitra Pradnyaratih, Dapott, Tisha Sara, Kae Kiltzer, Pierre Zylstra, Ady Trisna Sero, Gungwah Brahmantia, Ariwiratma, and many other youngsters. Each of the members’s offer something different from the main concept of the art form that they are interested in. For an example, Kae and Pierre are taking the photography into a higher level with their ability to producing film photograph and some psychedelic touches. For these boys, a photograph with only a visual thing that captures nature or other common thing is extremely boring. It needs another ‘DIY’ (Do It Yourself) touches to make it more incredible and stand out. Look at their pictures below and get lost to it.


This art collective aims to protect and preserve the subtleties their past for it to prosper and blossom through their disparate mediums of art ranging from music, painting, mural, photography, design, fashion, architecture, collage art, and interactive installation. Their creative spirit flows through their love for communities and their cultural roots: Indonesia, especially Bali.