Pena Hitam Bali

Art is their common cause, but for, punk may have been their rebellious spirit. Formed on July 4th 2015, Pena Hitam Bali is one of the well-known art collectives on the island; a home and a playground for a few local visual artists. With the same passion on visual art, Pena Hitam Bali aims to explore ways to collaborate, encourage, and challenge each other to create an honest, beautiful piece of work. Each member has their own style of work ranging from black-pointilsm art to cut and paste collage art on various mediums.


Brought together by the same love on art and the punk culture, Pena Hitam Bali has been creating and celebrating their freedom of speech and think through their works. For this collective, art is a freedom and people have no right to judge one work to another. Art allows people to sense the emotions and psychology. It enables people to glimpse what it feels like to be another human being. It is emotional information. Most of their works are showing up their fantasy of darkness, death, post apocalypse and afterlife. The love of punk culture has been the main spirit because they believe that punk is the ideology and movement to ‘walk across the line’ where art covers it all.


In the daily routine, Pena Hitam Bali has always gathered together few days in a week to create things and do exhibition. Head down to their instagram and find out their works: @penahitam.bali

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