Plataran Menjangan: Environment & Climate Xtravaganza 2019  

On 2nd November 2019, Plataran L’Harmonie will host Plataran Menjangan Xtravaganza 2019 in West Bali National Park. As a True Indonesian Icon; and in line with Plataran’s commitment to supporting local communities, preserving the natural environment and conserving wildlife; this iconic annual celebration sets out to increase public awareness of coastal and marine ecosystems. The event will focus on three main aspects: ecotourism & sustainability; culture & entertainment; and local entrepreneurship. These core concepts come together to create a schedule of captivating music and entertainment in the forest, featuring performances by Jamie Aditya (Indonesian-Australian Video Jockey and Musician), Balawan (Indonesian Guitarist and Songwriter), Dialog Dini Hari (Indonesian Folk Band), Astrid Sulaiman (Pianist & Vice Chairman of Ubud Village Jazz Festival) and many more.

Xtravaganza will feature a range of conservation and eco-tourism activities that display the natural beauty and cultural diversity of the region. There will be an endemic tree-planting project, coral planting and a Bali starling release program, along with an art and culture festival, a culinary festival and cooking academy, a mural festival, kite-making workshop and festival, and an outdoor Zumba class.