PPKM promo with www.bukapo.net

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bukaPO is having PPKM (Pantengin Promo Kejutan Mingguan) promotion that you surely don’t want to miss. You can enjoy discount up to 50% off on numerous selected items. The promotion is available on 19 – 25 July.

One of the must-try is the Brownies Sekat 16 Classic. It is cut into 16 pieces with toppings of your choice such as almond, peanut, nutella, oreo crumb, chocolate chip, oreo red velvet and marie regal biscuit. You can choose maximum of 4 toppings. click here to order this yummy dessert.

So let’s help UMKM (micro and small businesses) in Bali by ordering their delicious home-cooking food through www.bukapo.net and follow our social media