Primaldi Damianus



Primaldi Damianus is one of the young and talented photographers in Bali, who was born in Bandung in early ’92. He found out his passion in art and photograph since 2011 and began to study by taking a few classes of photography and also learning by experience. Human interest and landscape are the top 2 things that he loves to capture.


Aldi’s works are bold and crushing in his exploration of objects from the tones, lighting and everything. He started taking pictures of nature and experienced what he describes as “telling people how it feels”. It didn’t take long for him to determine he had found his passion and slowly built a photography business, “learning on the job,” he said.

For this 24-year young photographer, a good photo should be able to tell stories; he could tell people about the feelings of a moment that he captured. He tells about the mood, vibe, time, and all the details about the picture that are strongly proved by the tone, color, and lighting he used. His mission is to tell various stories and issues in one piece of work.

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