Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu Held the First Cake Mixing Ceremony in the Island 

Earlier this month, on Friday, 4th of November 2022, to ring in the joy of Christmas Season, Radisson  Blu Bali Uluwatu held the 1st Cake Mixing Ceremony in the Island. Cake Mixing is an age-old tradition that first began in Europe in the 17th century where kilograms of dry fruits, nuts, grains and spices are combined together to form a mixture. This mixture is then soaked in alcoholic blends for some days to let them soak all the flavours and aroma. Lastly, it is divided into parts which goes into the cake batter, from which further Christmas Fruit Cakes  are baked.  

In this year’s cake Mixing Ceremony, Raj Jadhav, General Manager of Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu invited medias, agent partners, and not to mention many of the in-house guests who were also excited to take part in the ceremony. The mixture then kept for fermentation to bake the Christmas Cakes that will be used as hampers and amenities for the hotel’s business partners and guests during Festive Season.