Richard Winkler Profile

Paddies in Mauve, 100x130 cm, 2014, Oil on canvas Portrait The Flute Player, 108x80 cm, 1998, Oil on canvas

Art is, no doubt, has been the number one passion of Richard Winkler. During his time at Nyckelviken’s School of Art, he filled his free time by working as freelance illustrator in several advertising projects. After he graduated, his love in the world of paintings grows even bigger, as he decided to become full-time painters.

In 1997, Richard Winkler gives up all of his commercial projects and moved to Bali, following his Indonesian long time lovers who now become his wife. He resides in Ubud ever since, said that the quaint nature of the region fueled his inspiration and creativity to create more elaborate arts. About 9 years ago, he also starts to express his passion through sculpting.

The art of Richard Winkler comprises of pleasantly colorful shapes and figures, creating a little window for its audience to dream away to a world of beauty and harmony made of forms and colors. His precise works seems simple but could actually takes a lot of time to finish

For Richard Winkler, art is the main way of communication, whether through paintings or sculpture, the Belgian-born artist prefers visual aspect to tell stories to his audience.