Rock ‘N Run The 19th Chapter: Take Time To Be Kind. Charity 5k Fun Run

The 19th Rock ‘N Run, is an annual 5 km charity fun run event organized by Hard Rock Hotel Bali, held Sunday morning 1 December 2019 around the streets of Kuta. This year was a resounding success once again, a sell out with 1,500 runners as well as generous sponsors coming together for a great cause. 100% of proceeds (race fees, sponsorships, auctions sales and bazaar) from this year’s event will be donated to Yayasan Scholars of Sustenance in Bali, to buy them a truck with cooler for delivering recycled food to local regional villages in Bali.

SOS (Scholars of Sustenance) Global was established in late 2012 and then funded privately. The food rescue charter was approved in 2014 when their non-profit status was established and local foundation paperwork was filed in Thailand. By 2015, their Thai foundation was pioneering these principles in Bangkok and in 2016 they established SOS (Scholars of Sustenance) in Indonesia.

The 5 km charity race was won by Andika with a time of 17:42. Julio came in second place with a time of 18:40 and Krispinus finished third with 19:39. Cita was the first female with a time of 21:13, followed by Jocelyn at 25:02 and Lisa finished in third place with 27:14. The Bethel’s family won the Family category once again, while Karang and Lisa won the Best Costume category.


“Thank you to all the runners and sponsors, the response this year has been tremendous and we sincerely appreciate the ongoing support. We have raised billions (IDR) for local charities in Bali since the commencement of our annual event and we are so pleased this year to be supporting Yayasan Scholars of Sustenance. Our aim is to purchase a new delivery vehicle to help redistribute Hard Rock Hotel Bali’s left over food, as well as other hotel partners, delivering to needy families around the island of Bali ” said Mr Shane Coates, General Manager of Hard Rock Hotel Bali.

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