Rose Luminary Mocktail by The St. Regis Bali Resort

To brighten up your time at home and to enhance your creative talents, St. Regis Bali Resort provides you with an easy delicious mocktail recipe.

The Ingredients needed are:
5ml of Yuzu, 3 pieces of Dragon Fruit, 4 slices of Pineapple, 5ml of Rose Syrup, 10ml of Passionfruit Syrup, 30ml of Orange Juice and 1 can of Lemonade.

Preparation steps begin with adding pineapple slices and dragon fruit into shaker, and muddle gently. Next, add passion fruit syrup, rose syrup, yuzu, and orange juice. After that, add the ice into the shaker. Then, shake gently until all ingredients are mixed. Once you’re done with that, strain it into a champagne glass, top with lemonade and lastly, garnish with rose petal.