Rujak Gurame at Cerita Manisan

Ubud’s popular eatery for an Indonesian dining experience, Manisan Restaurant, is transforming its venue into Cerita Manisan with a celebrated hashtag of #everydishtellsastory. The new Cerita Manisan offers diners authentic Indonesian home-cooked meals and pan-Asian cuisines. It brings a welcoming vibe of Indonesian nostalgic traditions, with its traditional Keroncong tunes, Indonesian decor featured in a modern presentation. The idea to transform Manisan Restaurant into Cerita Manisan is to elevate the distinctive taste of Indonesian flavours to diners, so they have a story to tell after each visit. On the menu, you can find Indonesian classic dishes such as Rujak Gurame, Se’i Sapi Sambal Luat, Caramelized Pork Belly, Sayur Asem, Char Kway Teow, and Tom Yum Kung. Complete the journey with a wide range of delightful desserts, including Nangka Millecrepes, Durian Portugues Egg Tart, or Mango Pannacotta. Open every day from 10am – 10pm, Cerita Manisan sits in the middle of a sprawling rice field adjacent to Alaya Resort Ubud with space that can comfortably seat up to 80 diners.