Salute Nyepi This Year at Karma Kandara

Nyepi is one of the most beloved festivals on the Balinese calendar. Coming from the word ‘sepi’ or ‘silence’, this day sees the entire island fall silent for a full 24 hours, with even the airport closing. Ushering in the lunar New Year, Nyepi is traditionally observed through fasting and contemplation, officially no work should be done and neither lights nor electrical appliances should be switched on.

Spend this Nyepi on March 14 within the grounds of Karma Kandara on the idyllic Bukit Peninsula where you may be confined to the manicured grounds, but have an army of amenities at your disposal. Resorts are given some leeway for this auspicious occasion, allowing guests to enjoy the array of amenities and services you’d expect on any other day, including limited internet access. Though guests are to be mindful that restrictions will apply to entry and access of the resort, and the beach will be prohibited. Torches and candles will also be available so that lighting and noise is kept to a minimum.

To further entice guests there will be a series of specialty packages available. Starting from USD 758 (10,696,400) for 2 nights, you’ll be able to enjoy a stay in the suave one bedroom pool villa from March 13-15. Your nights spent here will come accompanied by complimentary breakfast, complimentary entrance to the phenomenal Karma Beach Bali, WiFi, and dinner on Nyepi itself, accompanied by a complimentary cocktail. 
As for Nyepi’s edible offerings, a special feast is to be prepared by the executive chef. Guests will be welcomed to tuck into Nyepi Nasi Tumpeng at di Mare Restaurant, available between 12-7.30pm for IDR 395,000++ per person including one glass of our signature Nyepi cocktail.

More information on Karma Kandara’s Nyepi celebrations can be found at: