Sanjaya Margianta


baliAs a photographer, Sanjaya Margianta first felt in love with his job 4 years ago. Based on his love of human and nature, which then becomes his favorite object to shoot, Jay learnt to take pictures by reading, asking friends, and attending somephotograph workshop. After a few years of learning, he has finally become a part of many art projects, taking pictures in various places from natural settings, wedding reception halls, studios, and industrial environments. He studies to look far and wide, over the crowds and through the landscape looking for that one in a million ‘money shot’.

DSC05515 DSC05557


Good lighting and great angle are all a part of getting a good shot, but for Jay, being still and make deep observations before and during the process are what makes it count. He loves to add life to his pictures by creating good combination of light and color, which he thinks need to be in harmony. He believes that once a photo has caught attention, the details have to be able to keep the eyes interested.

Jay strongly beliefs that a good photo means that it is able to deliver a message to the viewer visually, thus, every picture needs to have a clear point of interest.

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