Sensatia Botanicals Introduces New Deodorant Collection

Sensatia Botanicals just launched its latest addition to the body care assortments, natural deodorant collection. Formulated with all-natural ingredients, these aluminum-free deodorants block body odor without clogging underarm pores and is highly unlikely to irritate the skin. This allows the body to sweat naturally and the skin to breathe. Using locally-sourced pandan leaf and jicama extract as the key ingredients, this collection consist of three products:

Hinako Bloom Natural Deodorant is formulated with exotic tropical flowers extracts for a refreshing aroma suitable for women. The botanical extracts work together to minimize body odor naturally and help balance oil production. Skin gets a boost of vitamins and antioxidants for a softer, smoother look and feel.

Molucca Spice Natural Deodorant is formulated with an exotic blend of botanical ingredients from Indonesia’s famous Spice Islands for a rich earthy aroma suitable for men. Pandan leaf and kaffir lime help to reduce body odor and refresh skin. Nutmeg and clove contain antibacterial properties to maintain healthy skin and give a distinctive spicy, intoxicating scent.

Unscented Natural Deodorant is formulated for sensitive skin. This all-natural, unscented deodorant neutralizes body odor while nourishing the skin. The vitamin-rich blend of jojoba oil, green tea and pandan leaf extract has a calming, nurturing effect on underarm skin. This is an excellent option for those with dry, irritated skin or allergies to synthetic deodorants.

The key ingredients to these natural deodorants are pandan leaf and jicama extracts. Pandan leaf is used in many cultures as a food additive because it has a magnificent aroma. It is also said to be a highly effective natural deodorant. Jicama is known to have a naturally lightening effect, which can help to even the underarm skin tone.

Formulated with lightweight consistency, these products will glide smoothly on underarm skin. The roll-on applicator also helps the deodorant to quickly absorb into the skin without leaving an uncomfortable feeling or residue.

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