Sing For Songan @ Cocoon Beach Club Friday

Friday, June 9th 2017

On Thursday February 9th relentless rain and poor slope conditions caused major landslides in the Kintamani region of Bali killing 12 people. The worst hit was the village of Songan in the islands northeast. In an attempt to ease the pain of the villagers in the area and try to bring some positive from the negative, the Bali Children Foundation (BCF) together with Cocoon Beach Club will hold a luncheon on Friday 9th June, 2017 to raise much needed funds to improve education opportunity in the village. Bali Children Foundation will provide education scholarships for children of the affected families, repair, renovate and set up an English classroom with electricity, lights, fans and a 55-inch color smart TV. Their BCF trained teacher will deliver English twice weekly as well as share content regarding environmental care and other matters the village needs assistance with. The prime target of this event is to help raise the 75,000,000 rupiah through luncheon ticket percentage, raffles, auctions and donations. Join, have a great feast and help the good cause for the sake of Songan people.