Space Camp 2023 at COMO Uma Canggu

Play by COMO is thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to young adventurers aged eight to 16 to join on an extraordinary summer quest at COMO Uma Canggu. From July 17th to 23rd 2023, aspiring astronauts will have the incredible opportunity to embark on a thrilling Space Camp experience alongside esteemed former NASA astronaut, Nicole Stott. 

The Space Camp offers an immersive and unparalleled adventure that seamlessly blends education and excitement. Participants can choose any date within the specified period and dive into a captivating itinerary filled with space-themed island activities. Some highlights of the programme include: 

Dinner With The Astronaut
On July 22nd, guests will have the exclusive opportunity to join Nicole Stott for a special dinner experience at COMO Beach Club. Against the stunning backdrop of the sunset at Echo Beach, attendees will engage in discussions, a question-and-answer session, and storytelling with the esteemed astronaut. The dinner, priced at IDR 620,000++ per person, will feature a delectable selection of canapés, including mushroom and thyme arancini with truffle oil, shaved prosciutto, pickled onion and parmesan toasts, and a tantalizing three-course set menu. Highlights of the set menu include chargrilled jumbo prawns, chargrilled Stockyard sirloin, and more, ensuring a memorable dining experience for all guests. 

Postcards To Space
Become part of an international space mail project initiated by Nicole Stott. By writing heartfelt messages and creating artwork, participants will contribute to a collection that will be sent to space. 

River Clean Up
At COMO Uma Canggu, young explorers will have the chance to make a positive impact on our planet. Join Nicole Stott as she shares insights from her unique perspective as an astronaut, highlighting the human impact on Earth visible as seen from outer space. 

Planet Pizzas
Unleash your creativity and culinary skills by crafting and decorating your own pizzas that resemble otherworldly creations. Priced at IDR 60,000++ per child, this activity promises a delightful gastronomic experience

Space For A Better World: Aim Higher Project
Engage in a unique team project at the Lagoon pool, where our bodies will come together to create an awe-inspiring work of art visible from the sky. Join forces with fellow space enthusiasts and unleash your imagination.

Food In Space
Delve into the fascinating world of astronaut cuisine with Nicole Stott. Discover the intricacies of food preparation in space and even sample a bite to experience the challenges faced by those venturing beyond our planet. 

Spacesuit Art
Leave your mark on a specially designed art spacesuit, symbolizing the profound connection between art, science, and humanity. Collaborate with children from all corners of the globe, creating a visual representation of our collective aspirations. 

Blast Off
Bring your family and enjoy a rocket-building experience using baking soda. Let your creations soar to new heights and marvel at the wonders of science. 

All activities are complimentary for staying guests, unless otherwise stated on the schedule. As for non- staying guest, below are the price list:

  • General Space Camp activities : IDR 300,000++ per child and IDR 150,000++ per adult  
  • Nicole Stott lead activities : IDR 600,000++ per child and IDR 300,000++ per adult
  • Full day Space Camp : IDR 1,000,000++ per child. Parents are required to be at  COMO Uma Canggu during the day and will be given 20% off for dining at COMO Beach Club and massage treatment at COMO Shambhala Retreat 

For a complete Space Camp’s schedule, you can find here.