Spicy Calamari Noodles With Chef Agung Gede by The St. Regis Bali Resort

  Ingredients needed are; 500 gr of fresh calamari (separated into two parts: minced and cut into dices), 4 stalks of fresh lemongrass (finely sliced), Half a onion (cut brunoises), 3 stems of leek (thinly sliced), 4 big red chilies, 10 small red chilies, 3 garlic cloves, 8 shallots, 1 cm ginger, 5 kaffir lime leaves, 2 spoons oyster sauce, 500 ml chicken stock, 250 gr of bok choy or choy sum, 2 pack of fresh wonton noodles or dry wonton noodles For garnish, you will need finely sliced spring onions, finely sliced celery leaves, lemon basil leaves 20 ml chili oil, 50 gr fried shallots Preparation steps; First, blend red small chili, red big chili and roughly cut shallots, garlic and ginger in a food processor until a fine paste forms. Next, heat the pan and add oil. When the pan is hot, add finely cut lemongrass, onion and leeks. Sauté until fragrant and add the spice paste continue sauté until all are cooked well. After that, add the minced calamari, mix well and continue adding the diced calamari until well cooked. The calamari sauce is complete. Keep it aside. Up next is, blanche the bok choy or choy sum in hot water as well as the noodles. Lastly, heat the chicken stock. How to plate; prepare a bowl, set the noodles and put the vegetables on top, continue topping up with calamari sauce. Pour the chicken stock over and add the final touch of lemon basil leaves, spring onion, fried shallots, celery leaves as garnish and add chili oil as desired. Calamari noodle