State of Sincerity: The Photography According to Ida Bagus Tri Dharma Dipta

We grow up wanting to become a lot of things, but sometime not until we actually come to age we realize our true potential and calling; such as what happened with Ida Bagus Tri Dharma Dipta, or also known as Gus Dharma. Graduated from university with religion major degree, he was supposed to be a lecturer of Hindu Religion before life set him into an entirely different path. In his teenage year, Gus Dharma often saw his father make paintings, a moment which sparked his interest in the world of photography art. He bought his first camera from the money he gathered selling prepaid phone credit.

Gus Dharma photos speak of sincerity. Once all is set, he tends to get the job done no matter what. He has interest in human nature, but overall he is a versatile photographer who can capture different type of pictures, from culinary to moments and interior. He is also one of those who don’t rely much on ‘digital editing’ process, making his pictures genuinely as it is.

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