InterContinental Bali Resort’s unique brand concept ‘In the Know’ invites guests to visit the cultural landscape of Bali and delve into the extraordinary agrarian organisation behind it. The island’s irrigated padi fields are achieved through an ancient and complex system of aquatic engineering, uniquely managed by the farmers through village cooperatives known as ‘Subak’.

Bali’s subak system has been honoured with the UNESCO status of a World Heritage Cultural Landscape, featuring specific sites that maintain and respect the natural, religious, and cultural components of the subak system, and continue to grow organic traditional Balinese rice without the use of fertilisers or pesticides.

The Subak Museum in the village of Sanggulan, Tabanan, showcases this centuries-old Balinese agrarian way of life with a miniaturised version of the subak system, as well as displaying traditional agricultural tools used by Balinese farmers to tend the fields.

If you would like to visit the Subak Museum together with some of Bali’s World Heritage Cultural Landscapes, a customised tour can be created especially for you by InterContinental Bali Resort’s savvy ‘In the Know’ team. Please contact the concierge for more information.

Subak in Jatiluwih