Sunset Session Featuring Got Some at Woo Bar

Sunday March 12th 2017

Clubhoppers! Embrace this upcoming weekend with a vibrant sundowner party. Woo Bar brings out yet another Sunset Session event this time with a special performance by GotSome; a duo from Bristol, UK consisted of Adam Gorsky, a prolific DJ with 15+ span of career behind the deck and Alex Holmes; a renowned studio engineer with a penchant for sound manipulation and record refining. The pair met more than a decade ago on the Bristol clubbing scene, and have been – creatively speaking – near inseparable since then. GotSome is the culmination of several years spent experimenting with different styles, sounds, genres and techniques. Adam and Alex’s experiences as DJ and sound engineer respectively, have resulted in an exceptionally balanced and unique creative relationship in the studio that can easily be heard in the music they produce. Catch the lads live only at Woo Bar’s Sunset Session!