Taman Gita Every Saturday Magic of Bali

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Please join us for the Magic of Bali, a cultural tribute to Balinese dance, music and culinary delights. This authentic dining experience gives guests a unique and captivating insight into Balinese cuisine, with many dishes to choose from at the extensive buffet.

You can witness the unique spit roasting of a Balinese favourite, Babi Guling, (suckling pig) which begins at 4.00 pm. Enjoy a traditional dance redention of Barong dance during pre-diner drinks followed by enthralling Sekar Jagat, Cendrawasih and Margapati dance performance.

Magic of Bali is available in Taman Gita, InterContinental Bali Resort every Saturday form 6.30 pm – 10.00 pm for only IDR 600.000 ++ per person. For more information, please call +62 361 701 777